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A Little Housekeeping

Of the LJ variety.

I went through and tagged my posts last weekend, since I'll probably be posting more non-fic posts.

I've started rping the Sarah Jane Smith/Laura Roslin character from Looking for Home at relativespace. Any new fic I write for that character will go on her game journal sarahnotlaura and I've put a link in the sidebar. I'll try to remember to post a link when I update that, but I'm rather scatterbrained.

The next post will be then next chapter of Unexpected, and later today I'll also post the fic I wrote for the Unit Ficathon at unit_family. At some point this weekend I'll be posting about bunnies and knitting in the hopes of getting that out of my system. If you're only here for the fic, feel free to ignore the cute fluffyness.

Oh, and I'm due for another installment of "reading my height in books" soon.
Tags: bsg, housekeeping, laura roslin, links, rs, sarah

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