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Unexpected (16/25ish)

Title: Unexpected
Author: hhertzof
Rating: PG
Beta: paranoidangel42
Summary: What happens after Inconceivable
Blame: paranoidangel42 because she keeps asking for more.

Chapter 1: Old Friends Chapter 11: Serendipity
Chapter 2: Girl Talk Chapter 12: Road Trip
Chapter 3: Ladies Who Lunch Chapter 13: War Zone
Chapter 4: Back to the Beginning Chapter 14: A Nice Cup of Tea
Chapter 5: Retail Therapy Chapter 15: Paint by Numbers
Chapter 6: Synchronicity
Chapter 7: Remember When
Chapter 8: Think of the Children
Chapter 9: Domestic Disputes
Chapter 10: A Slight Miscalculation

Once everyone had left, Sarah had ordered Chinese then led Turlough into the living room, where she collapsed on the sofa and closed her eyes.

"Tired?" He sprawled in an armchair.

"Yeah." She opened her eyes again. "Emotionally drained, more than anything. It's been a long eight months. I wanted to thank you for easing off Josh."

"Anyone who hates St. Brendan's is a friend of mine. And I'm going to shock you by apologising for picking that last fight with Tegan. You wouldn't have liked walking in on the discussion before that."

"I heard a good portion of it out in the hall. But no, walking in on that would have been awkward all round." She hesitated before meeting his eyes. "I may regret asking this but I didn't hear you venturing an opinion."

His lips twitched. "I don't think anyone other than the Doctor himself could convince them you two were lovers. Are lovers." Turlough arched an eyebrow at her, "You've seen him recently?"

"Tenth incarnation. There's a picture on the mantelpiece."

He stood up and walked over. "Should I place any significance on being the only person pictured here besides the two of you?"

"Luck of the draw. I didn't have a picture of just me and Five," Sarah said lightly.

Turlough picked up the picture of her with Ten and examined it closely. "Nice suit. How was he?"

"Sad, angry, tired. He told me everyone died."

"There were rumours...."

"The hazards of doing what needed to be done," Sarah said quickly. "But he's managing. One foot in front of the other and he had a new companion. A blonde. Not her natural colour and she apparently believes the more mascara the better. Still, he seemed to like her."

Turlough turned to smirk at her. "I've never known you to be catty, Sarah Jane."

"I guess it bothered me. He didn't even think to let me know he was alright. Okay, I was supposed to have forgotten what had happened when I returned to my own time, but he could have come round to check up on me. Instead I ran into him unexpectedly during an investigation, after years of believing he had died. New companion and all. I suppose the most disturbing thing was how I reacted. Petty and hysterical." It still bothered her, losing control of the situation like that.

"And the thing I've always liked best about you is that you're neither." Turlough walked back over to the sofa.

"And you're not normally compassionate and understanding," she couldn't help teasing. "What's got into you?"

He smiled lazily at her before sitting down again. "You're a friend, or at least I'd like to think so and I've grown up a bit. So tell me about what's-her-face. All the dirt."

"Shop girl. No ambition, it seemed, except to stay with him forever. Unfortunately, she was trapped in a parallel dimension while trying to deal with Daleks and Cybermen, right before he found out I was pregnant, which didn't help matters any."

"If it makes you feel any better, I haven't seen him since Xera. Up until Tegan mentioned you, I didn't even know you had made it back to Earth, before the war...ended." His voice faltered on the last word.

She didn't blame him. "Sometimes it feels like I haven't. Oh, I know it's been eighteen years for me, and I didn't really miss anything coming back a few minutes after I left. But that didn't stop me from feeling like I was rebuilding my life. And there are days when I'm just going through the motions and my head's elsewhere."

"When I last saw you, you were assuming that you would never come back to Earth. As much as I hate the place, it is your home, but your focus was on the problems at hand and beyond that, on building a life for yourself in a society that didn't think much of humans. The war changed everyone's priorities, and for you to make the mental shift to pretend it never happened must have been very hard. I remember how it felt being exiled to Earth thinking I'd never see my home again." The reason he hated Earth.

Sarah hadn't forgotten that. "And then you met the Doctor, and he made everything better, and finally got you home. These days, seeing him just makes things worse for me." Sarah closed her eyes again. "I thought knowing he was alive would allow me to move on and stop mourning, but it hasn't worked out that way." She stroked her belly absently. "Not that I'd give this up."

"No, I wouldn't expect you to, not after what happened. For what it's worth, I'm glad you survived the war." He lazed back in his chair, noting her exhaustion and added softly, "I thought we were going to be snarky and silly tonight. We don't need to talk about this now, unless you want to."

"I...not now. I'm trying to deal with the past, but it's painful, and I could really use some cheering up even more than I need catharsis." She forced some cheerfulness into her voice. "So let's talk about you...not only have your returned to a planet you've been vocal about loathing, you got roped into this nursery nonsense and I'm trying to figure out how."

"Not much of a story. Tying up some loose ends from my exile, and I suppose the end of the war made me nostalgic, so I rang up Tegan when I got here. I think she was shocked that I agreed to come along." He sounded bemused.

"And even more shocked when you decided to stay the night," Sarah teased. "The next thing you know they'll be gossiping about us."

"I forgot that she didn't know I'd seen you more than once after she stopped travelling with the Doctor. And I was curious, since the last time I saw you, you acted like returning here wasn't an option."

"Things changed. The fortunes of war and all that. He was trying to save me." The one thing he could save. "We spent close to a year on Trion, didn't we? I lost track. We were so many places and time never seemed to move properly in the TARDIS or on Gallifrey for that matter."

Turlough shrugged. "More than that, I think, but given the nature of the war we were fighting.... Sarah, we're getting maudlin again." He stood up with a surprising amount of energy, and headed to her DVD collection. "Don't you have some nice cheesy sci-fi that we can snark at?" He pulled out a box. "They remade Battlestar Galactica. Why?" he asked, sounding betrayed. "I will never understand humans." Despite the pain in his voice, he put in the first disk, and sat back down in the chair. "I hope it's less...embarrassing than the original."

"I've come to the conclusion that it's one of the weirder echoes of the Time War," Sarah said without thinking and having gone that far she felt she had to continue. "Brave fighting force facing a war of attrition against powerful robot enemies. No time distortion, but you can't have everything. On the other hand, it's more modern, grim and gritty than the original, with an actual special effects budget."

"Sounds like my kind of show." Turlough looked at the other two thoughtfully. "We don't have to watch it."

Sarah gave him a wry smile. "They didn't remake the robots to look like Daleks and to be honest, snarking at it would help immensely. So settle down, and enjoy the misery and angst suffered by other people." She settled back down on the sofa, just as the doorbell rang.

Turlough reached over and squeezed her hand. "You stay where you are. I'll take care of this."

"There's money in my purse and drinks in the fridge."

It didn't take long before they were digging into the Chinese food and started watching the miniseries.

Turlough, of course, had many sarcastic comments as they watched the first disk, and Sarah found herself laughing more than she had since she'd learned she was pregnant. She suspected he was going a bit overboard for her benefit, and she appreciated it.

After the show ended, Turlough asked plaintively, "If I can't call you SJ, can I call you Madam President?"

Sarah was tempted to throw a pillow at him, but relented when he suggested ice cream by way of apology. Then she threw it at him for snarking about stereotypically pregnant women.

When he finally settled down on the sofa for the night, and she made a note to herself that she really should get a bed for the spare bedroom, she was feeling better than she had in a long time. 'Manic depressive behaviour' Liz had described it as and Sarah knew she was right about that. As long as the depression didn't turn suicidal, she could handle it until after the baby was born. And then, if it weren't a symptom of her pregnancy, she could consider getting help. For now she'd just live with it. She'd got this far, she could stand a few more weeks.
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