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More Pinnacle Crack

I acquired Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon from the Niantic Book Barn today.

It uses the same descriptive paragraph on the back, and inside, while it doesn't identify (or misidentify) the Doctor involved we get nice compact summaries of The Master and Jo.

The Master
The Master, like Doctor Who, is a renegade Time Lord. The Time Lords, by the way, have the poer to travel in Space and Time, as well as regenerate their cells. They don't age. Because of their passive philosophy of observing, but never intervening in the affairs of the Universe, the Doctor defected. The Master has his own dubious reasons for leaving the Time Lords.

Hypnotic, charming and decidedly evil, the Master has been said to start a war for the sheer delight of it, and enjoys nothing more than to make a bad situation worse.

Because Doctor Who has interrupted so many of his evil plots, the Master's main goal in life is to eliminate the good Doctor. And to this end he applies most of his inexhaustable energies. His motto seems to be: if you don't succeed, try, try again. As to the Doctor, while he is not genuinely fond of the Master--in fact he considers him a major thread--he does feel that the galaxies would be a much duller place without him.

Jo Grant
Jo is Doctor Who's assisstant, and has accompanied him on several trips through Time and Space, in the TARDIS, the incredible flying police call box. While quite petite and very pretty, she's also smart and is infuriated when Doctor Who treats her like a babbling idiot, which he often does.
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