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Slowly approaching normal

I know I've started to recover from the summer rush at the library when I find myself doing laundry and tidying rather than collapsing on the couch with my knitting, a book or two and a good video. Okay, if you replace the video with a baseball game, I did that too, but I feel productive nonetheless. By the end of September I will have reclaimed it from the clutter that grows over the summer when I get home too drained to cope.

It's been a low key day. I haven't done a lot around the house but the new video card is installed and I've discovered that the printer SD slot is recognised by the computer and more reliable than the USB adaptor or the Treo program for copying stuff over, especially with the 4GB cards where there's always a question of "will it work this time?". Currently copying over Big Finish audios and mp3s of a BBC radio play called 43 Years in the Third Form for the trip tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll be taking one of my periodic trips to Niantic, CT to visit the Niantic Book Barn and the Tangier Outlet Mall in Westbrook, with a stop on the way back at the IKEA in New Haven for a table for the tv in the bedroom. I don't go very often as it's close to two hours each way, but if I do, I try to make several stops, just to make it worth while.

There should be another installment of what I've been reading (mostly Chalet School books) and I need to start making icons again soon. Plus there's that fic....

But I'm starting to look around and say I can do this. :)
Tags: better than before, housekeeping

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