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Why I hate being grown up!

I woke up, and stepped on the rug by my bed and did a double take because it felt damp. Further investigation revealed that my bedroom air conditioner was leaking water. I tried cleaning it out myself with bleach and water, and failed because I couldn't reach the clog. Discarded the water damaged comics (and realised I probably should weed my comic collection as my main feeling was that of relief that I could get some of them out of the house).

(Note to self: replace comic box)

Then I got dressed and went down to see the super. Because I live in a condo, I'm responsible for anything inside the unit, so he gave me the number of the AC company. It's going to be at least $150 and they won't even make an appointment until after Labor Day. :(

I've turned off the unit, and the one good thing about this is that I have money in the bank to cover it, which is a strange new feeling for me.

But the day had better get better soon.
Tags: i hate being grownup, life is like that

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