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This is what we call the Muppet Show....

AKA a walk through the landscape of my childhood.

The second series was just released and I've been watching the episodes a disk at a time. It's very odd to see which of the guest stars I remember, which must have been famous at one point but didn't stick in my brain and which have passed away.

I miss the days when Kermit wasn't in love with Miss Piggy and I'm realising that some of the muppets have become almost caricatures of themselves.

The music choices are interesting...aside from the featured songs by the guest performers, there have been a mix of "modern" for the times and old standards.

Some of the skits do get repetitive if you watch too many episodes in a row.

The clothing and hairstyles are very seventies. Elton John was delightfully gaudy.

I put the disk in today as a remedy for the unending bleakness of Quatermass (the 1979 sequel to the original Quatermass series (which I haven't seen). There were major plot holes and wobbly sets and the creator didn't know as much about Judaism as he thought he did which was horribly jarring, but it kept me engaged until the end. I don't think I'll ever rewatch it, but it was worth watching once.

Beyond that, I've been watching classic Who. I've been watching the stories I haven't seen in order by Doctor, so I've just seen The Celestial Toymaker for One (good story, but then I like that sort of thing), The Dominators for Two (on the basis of one story, I have to say Zoe is my favourite Two companion), The Androids of Tara for Four (not my favorite Key to Time story) and The Mysterious Planet for Six (none of the Six stories have been as bad as I was lead to expect, but I'm ready for Peri to go far, far away). I've finished Three and Seven and I only have Planet of Fire for Five, which I'm saving for toward the end.
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