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A few outstanding Fic Corner Pinch Hits

I've still got a few unclaimed pinch hits for Fic Corner. Have a signal boost.

All of the pinch hits below will be due August 31st.

PH #1 Crosstime Traffic, Earth Girl Trilogy, Girl Who Owned a City, Worldweavers
PH #2 Diana Winthrop, Kairos (O'Keefe) Series, Night of the Solstice, Tom Swift IV, Young Wizards
PH #3 The Reb and the Redcoats, Enemy Brothers, Civil War Series
PH #4 Avatars Series, Dragonback Series, Enthusiasm
PH #5 Greenglass House, Girls of Paper and Fire Series, Gunnerkrigg Court

All requests are fic only.

Fic Corner post on Dreamwidth for details and how to claim
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