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I'm not going to set up a proper fundraiser, but if anyone has a little cash and feels like donating some in Winter's name, 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue is where I adopted Pepper & Winter and Rabbit Rescue and Rehab is a local organization that works with my vet. 3 Bunnies is located a little further away from me, but there was a friend of a friend thing.

Pepper's perking up a bit and is starting to get annoyed when I shove food under her nose. Her appetite hasn't improved as much as I like, but she's grooming herself, eating some, and definitely more active. I'm a little worried about leaving her alone while I'm at work today, but I might just come home for dinner and to check up on her. I have left her alone while I did errands or sought out a little human contact, but not for a full workday, yet.

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