Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

Is this thing on? If so, have a meme

1. Your main fandom of the year?

Not sure I had one. Possibly fandom itself.

2. Your favourite film watched this year?

Thor: Rangnarok, Wonder Woman, The Last Jedi, Descendants 2. Not necessarily in that order

3. Your favourite book read this year?

No such thing as a single favorite book. I zoomed through all of Ann Leckie, really enjoyed Convergence by John Scalzi, finally got around to reading the Runaways graphic novels, rediscovered Tamora Pierce with her new novel. The Hate U Give, Piecing it Together, anything and everything by Jason Reynolds. Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima, The Cholent Brigade, the Mango and Bambang series by Polly Faber, the Murder Most Unladylike series by Robin Stevens (get the British editions, you'll thank me).

4. Your favourite TV show of the year?

I feel like I lost a lot of my shows and they didn't get replaced. That being said, have a list:
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
The Rachel Maddow Show
The Worst Witch (the new one)
Greenhouse Academy
One Day at a Time
The Brave
We Bare Bears

5. Your favourite online fandom community of the year?

I bounce around a lot. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and a shout-out to the AO3 and Yuletide workgroups.

6. Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

I finally understand the lure of the Rachel Maddow show.

7. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

Two of my local cons won't be held in 2018

8. Your TV boyfriend of the year?

Ice Bear from We Bare Bears

9. Your TV girlfriend of the year?

Chloe from We Bare Bears

10. Your biggest squee moment of the year?

There have been plenty but right now, I'd have to say the Wrinkle in Time trailer.

11. The most missed of your old fandoms?

Sarah Jane Smith

12. The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

My unread books are threatening to fall over and crush me. There are 3-4 movies in theatres that I still haven't seen and I need to clean out my DVR. Ask me when I've made a dent in that.

13. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

A Wrinkle in Time, Black Panther, the next Murder Most Unladylike, the Thirteenth Doctor. Probably other things I'm forgetting.

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