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Housekeeping post

Reading a lot, failing to comment on anything or post (mostly playing Pokemon Go obsessively, watching a ton of news, and mindlessly reblogging things on tumblr). Now that Dreamwidth seems to be picking up a bit, I am going to try to post more.

I've tentatively accepted the terms of service on LJ, mostly because I don't have the brainpower to deal with the rp journals and comms I'm responsible for right now. For those of you who are moving/have moved, I'm on Dreamwidth as [personal profile] evil_plotbunny. Other places I can be found include twitter (intermittantly), tumblr, ravelry, and goodreads (all as hhertzof).

Current plan is to run [community profile] fic_corner this year, either a schedule will be posted the last week of May or an announcement that I'm skipping a year. The current political situation, the weird weather patterns, and work stress have made my spoon level much more variable than it had been.

I shall end this post with a bunny picture, because that is how I roll.

2017-04-05 08.49.49

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