Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

In which I fail at updating yet again

I owe a bunch of updates of various sorts but the most important thing atm is that I am not running [community profile] fic_corner this year. Instead I'm running:

You Can Do That in Fanfiction
A Kids' and YA TV Fic Exchange

Link:[community profile] youcandothatinfanfiction or ycdtif

Description:You Can Do That in Fanfiction is a gift exchange for fic based on children's and YA tv shows. The FAQ can be found on the [community profile] youcandothatinfanfiction (DW) or [profile] ycdtif (LJ) comms.

You Can Do That in Fanfiction 2016 Schedule
Nominations: June 6th - June 15th
Sign-ups: June 17th - 23rd
Assignments Sent: June 24th
Deadline for Stories: August 28th
Collection Goes Live: September 3th

Nominations are open at AO3.

Note that this exchange is designed to alternate years with [community profile] fic_corner, so fic corner will be back next year.

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Tags: exchanges, fanfic, ycdtif

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