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My Dear, Adored Purim Gifts Author,

Welcome to my journal. Glad you've come. Have a chair, sit down, enjoy the scenery. I've tried not to be too difficult in my requests, but it's hard to tell sometimes.

I'm very easy to write for, I promise. I like canon and backstory/future fic (especially the weird obscure bits, as you can tell by my requests), snark and witty banter, capers and proper adventures and characterization pieces. I'd rather not have anything above PG-13 (horror or smut)- though I don't mind shipping (het/femslash/slash are all fine, incestuous pairings not so much), I'm not really in this for the smut and I'd prefer that all of the characters stayed alive. Feel free to take advantage of this.

Fandoms under the cut are Best Friends Whenever (TV), Girl Meets World, Liv and Maddie, American Girls: Maryellen - Various Authors, American Girls: Rebecca - Various Authors, Big Time Rush, Steven Universe (Cartoon), We Bare Bears (TV), Debbie & Donny series - Sophia N. Cedarbaum, Morgan Swift - Martine Lesley, Hillel's Happy Holidays - Mamie G. Gamoran, Shalom Sesame, Sam and Charlie (and Sam Too!) series - Leslie Kimmelman, Hagen Strikes Again Series - Kay Hooper, Tinker Bell (Movies). I'm sure I'll love anything you write.

Best Friends Whenever (TV)
Cyd Ripley, Shelby Marcus

Cracky time travel hijinks. Crossovers welcome (especially with other time travel fandoms). Send them off against Globo-Digi-Dyne if you want to do the evil vizier thing.

Girl Meets World

Fic about any of the women in the show. I love them all.

Liv and Maddie

I love Liv, I love Maddie. I adore their mom. And I especially like that the three of them get to be strong in different ways.

American Girls: Maryellen - Various Authors

1950s girl with an interest in science. Keep to period (1950s), but otherwise I'll be happy with anything. Perhaps something space themed?

American Girls: Rebecca - Various Authors

The Jewish American girl. Keep to period (1910s), but otherwise I'll be happy with anything. Perhaps something having to do with her interest in the new film industry.

We Bare Bears (TV)

Chloe needs more love. Or maybe something Jewish-themed.

Big Time Rush

Katie, Katie, Katie. The world needs more Katie fic. I'd love to see her go up against Arthur Griffin. Alternately, if you want to send the band to a Purim party, that works too.

Debbie & Donny series - Sophia N. Cedarbaum and Hillel's Happy Holidays - Mamie G. Gamoran

These are both at heart the same sort of stories, mildly didactic and focusing on Jewish holiday traditions. If you remember these fondly, as I do, feel free to go off in any direction you choose.

Morgan Swift - Martine Lesley

Morgan Swift was an impossibly awesome high school teacher/adventurer with a mysterious past (think female Indiana Jones/Mary Sue), Sally and Jenny were her two students who got involved in adventures with her and Sam was mentioned about once a book - a mysterious romance/possible tragedy in Morgan's past. Anyway, adventure, possible romance, mysterious Sam - my wants are simple.

Shalom Sesame and Sesame Street (TV)

Why is there no fic out there for Shalom Sesame? All I ask here is something Jewish themed.

Sam and Charlie (and Sam Too) - Leslie Kimmelman

This is a chapter book series (well, there are two now) for young readers, in which the characters are all Jewish. I'd just like more stories about them.

Hagen Strikes Again Series - Kay Hooper

I think I'm the only one who's written fic for this on AO3, sadly. Any or all of the women being awesome. Raven, Teddy, and Elizabeth are my favorites, but I'd love any fic at all in this fandom.

Tinker Bell (Movies)

Secret of the Wings is my favorite, if that matters (see also my love of Frozen). I'd love to see more of the winter kingdom and all the women being awesome, but I'd be happy with anything.

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