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Fic-Corner Scribbler Letter

My Dear, Adored Fic Corner Scribbler,

Welcome to my journal. Glad you've come. Have a chair, sit down, enjoy the scenery. I've tried not to be too difficult in my requests, but it's hard to tell sometimes.

I'm very easy to write for, I promise. I like canon and backstory/future fic (especially the weird obscure bits, as you can tell by my requests), snark and witty banter, capers and proper adventures and characterization pieces. I'd rather not have anything above PG-13 (horror or smut)- though I don't mind shipping (het/femslash/slash are all fine, incestuous pairings not so much), I'm not really in this for the smut and I'd prefer that all of the characters stayed alive. As you may guess by my choice of fandoms and characters, I am fond of cheesy plots, snark and witty banter, and amazing adventures (and kids books, but you knew that already). Feel free to take advantage of this.

Beta-readers are your friends - please do check for grammar, spelling and scientific accuracy (as far as you can).

Fandoms under the cut are Morgan Swift - Martine Lesley, American Girls: Rebecca - Various Authors, No Flying in the House - Betty Brock, Wynd Family - Stephen Krensky, Night World - L. J. Smith and Arlene Sardine by Chris Raschka. You may recognize some of the prompts as this was mostly cobbled together from other ficathons. None of these prompts have been filled yet so have at it, Scribbler. I'm sure I'll love anything you write.

Morgan Swift - Martine Lesley

Ah, the mysterious Sam. I think it's time Jenny and Sally met him (or her, I'm not picky). Awesome adventures. Crossovers welcome but not required. Or maybe flashback fic about Morgan's life before Coolidge High. Her summer of surfing/when she met Sting/that Colorado dig.

These seem to be easily available used on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This was a very short series from the 80s - 3 books by Martine Lesley, one by Susan Saunders (which I tend to ignore as it replaces Jenny and Sally with two bland twins and manages to make Morgan Swift bland as well) and two "Find Your Fate" (choose your own adventures) type books which were awful. Feel free to just focus on the Martine Lesley books and ignore the rest.

Morgan Swift was an impossibly awesome high school teacher/adventurer with a mysterious past (think female Indiana Jones/Mary Sue), Sally and Jenny were her two students who got involved in adventures with her and Sam was mentioned about once a book - a mysterious romance/possible tragedy in Morgan's past. Anyway, adventure, possible romance, mysterious Sam - my wants are simple.

American Girls: Rebecca - Various Authors

Possibilities include: Rebecca meeting another American Girl (Samantha & Kit are the closest time-wise) or a slice of life/family story (perhaps involving one of the Jewish holidays). Or you could go wild and write me Rebecca acting in a movie written and directed by Ruth Fielding, director and moving picture scenario author. 20 of the 30 books are available at Project Gutenberg, but unless you have a taste for girls' fiction of the 1910s and 20s, you probably won't want to attempt this prompt.

Short version - Rebecca = my American Girl, her family's story isn't quite mine, but it's close enough. It really amuses me that she would have either read the early Ruth Fielding books (which were published at the time her stories are set), or known about her successes, but Ruth's books were written in the style of the day, and I wouldn't expect anyone to read them just to fill this prompt (though if you like that sort of thing...). Anyway, I wouldn't mind a fic just set in the early days of the film industry (or a later fic with Rebecca looking back on her life/career). Perhaps Kit could interview her. :)

No Flying in the House by Betty Brock

I'd love to see either a story focusing on Beatrice's take on events (either during or after) or future fic where they're teenagers or twenty-somethings coming face to face with fairy again.

A very short novel about a girl who learns she's a fairy from a mysterious cat who turns into a statue. What I like about this book is that the fairies don't seem tame despite the audience of the book - there are so many hints of things going on beneath the surface that Annabel doesn't notice.

I'd love to see either a story focusing on Beatrice's take on events (either during or after) or future fic where they're teenagers or twenty-somethings coming face to face with fairy again. The choice Annabel has to make at the end of the book is very similar to the choice half-Faerie children have to make in the Toby Daye books, so I wouldn't object to a (crossover) fic exploring that either. I wouldn't mind hints of romance but I'd prefer that wasn't the main plot.

Wynd Family - Stephen Krensky

I'd love to see the Wynds meet another magical family. Crossovers welcome or just expand on the magic in their world.

Another out of print series. Alison, Edward, Jamie, Jennifer and Perry are the kids in a family with hereditary magical powers. The books are light magical adventures/mysteries in which the kids have to band together to save the day. I just love the entire family so I'd love to see either an ensemble adventure or focus on any member or members of the family.

Night World - L.J. Smith

Mary-Lynette Carter

My favorite scene in the series is where Mary-Lynnette tells her destined immortal vampire lover to go away because she has other things she wants to do first. I want to hear about some those adventures.

Your story can, but don't have to involve other characters in the series. I've been a fan since the books first came out in the 80s and I've been waiting for the last book for decades. :( Anyway, Mary-Lynnette is love, etc. etc.

Arlene Sardine by Chris Raschka
Arlene is my favorite suicidal picture book fish. Crack is good. Also serious, in depth character studies about the self-destructive desires of fish. You choose.

What else is there to say? Wanting to be a sardine is probably one of the major causes of death among fish these days. What can we do to alleviate this problem that is ravaging our oceans?

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