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Certain of you will be amused by this.

I'm currently going through the children's nonfiction at work, weeding, checking for missing books and tidying up call numbers to match current practice. I've wanted to do this for the longest time.

Right now I'm working in the 200s (Religion, link goes to dewey.info, an online resource for Dewey classification). My mental dialogue has gone something like this:

hh: This is extremely Christian centric.
hh: Why do they shove Islam and Judaism into the "other religions"?
hh: Why do they shove all these religions into "other religions and give Christianity most of the subdivisions?
hh: Dewey really needs a revision here. Can we hire the AR team? Or even the Religion & Lore team?
hh: *gets to 291s* o.O At least they revised this. Why were comparative religions stuck way back here in the first place. Note: Within the last couple of revisions, the 291s (comparative religions) were discontinued in favor of moving those categories into the 200s.
hh: Yay for more reasonable new call numbers. Now if they could only revise the rest of it. :/

And now I must go back to relabeling all the 291s. \o/

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