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Memage - January 8th

ghost2 asked me to talk about Trixie Belden.

At one point, books 1-15 or 16 were released in these tall hardcovers with gorgeous color illustrations. The icon on this post was gleaned from The Mysterious Code (Di, Honey, and Trixie surrounding Mrs. Wheeler as she makes a phone call).

Trixie was one of my first fandoms really. I liked her better than Nancy Drew.
When I was growing up, the local stationery store sold Trixie Belden books and I remember buying most of them, one by one, from that shop. They were 95c each and the last one published was #22 (or perhaps at the time I first found them, it was #18 and #19-22 came later). These were the beige paperbacks with oval cover illustrations, and I still have them all but #14 which disappeared somewhere along the way. They show much wear and tear from constant rereadings since I was 8 or 9 years old. I remember walking or bike riding to the shop to buy a new one.

I can't really say I had a favorite Bob-White back then - it's all too colored by decades of revisiting the texts. I did have favorite books - Mysterious Code, Missing Heiress/Uninvited Guest, Mead's Mountain. I liked the later books (after Dan showed up) better than the earlier ones and I hated it when one or more of the Bob-Whites were left behind. To this day, I prefer strong ensembles in my storytelling.

I know that Trixie & co were among the first things I fanficced (other things include super-heroes and General Hospital), even before I knew what fanfic was (and thankfully, I never wrote any of it down). I remember a Trixie Belden/Batman crossover at one point.

I don't remember when books 23-28 (Mystery in Saratoga/Reagan's past) were released, except that they were published all at the same time. Then came 29-31 (Mystery at Maypenny's!) and 32-34 and by that time I'd formed the habit of checking for new ones, so that when I was in high school and 35-39 appeared after several years of drought, I snapped them up. I didn't find out that those last few were rare until much much later. I held on to them and they ended up being one of the few series where I bought multiple editions. Last one I reread was Red Trailer Mystery, which I listened to on a trip with a friend. I should really buy more for my Nook.

I said earlier that I don't remember preferences (besides some of my favorite books) from when I was a kid, mostly because they've been overwritten by current preferences/headcanon. Somewhere along the line I developed an interest in writing Madeleine Wheeler, of all people. I find Brian a bit too perfect, and I suspect Honey will get bored with him at some point, and I always get frustrated when I go back to the books with how Dan is treated. And I still want to cross it over with ALL the THINGS.

This is sort of rambly, but there you have it.

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