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Dear Adored Yuletide Author

My Dear, Adored Yuletide Author,

Welcome to my journal. Glad you've come. Have a chair, sit down, enjoy the scenery. I've tried not to be too difficult in my requests, but it's hard to tell sometimes.

I'm very easy to write for, I promise. I like canon and backstory/future fic (especially the weird obscure bits, as you can tell by my requests), snark and witty banter (as you might be able to tell from my choice of characters), capers and proper adventures and characterization pieces. I'd rather not have anything above PG-13 (horror or smut)- though I don't mind shipping (het/femslash/slash are all fine, incestuous pairings, not so much), I'm not really in this for the smut and I'd prefer that all of the characters stayed alive. As you may guess by my choice of fandoms and characters, I am fond of cheesy plots, snark and witty banter (see above) and amazing adventures. Feel free to take advantage of this.

Beta-readers are your friends - please do check for grammar, spelling and scientific accuracy (as far as you can). Though, tbh, my prompts this year don't demand much of the last.

Fandoms under the cut are Sofia the First, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Morgan Swift by Martine Lesley, Little Mosque on the Prairie, The Charmings, and Ned & Stacey

Sofia the First (Cartoon)

First of all, include anyone you like. Sofia and her family, friends, other princes and princesses, Clover, Bailiwick etc. My only real request for this is light/fluffy/heartwarming fic (not necessarily all three at once, but you get the idea - I don't mind issue stories, but try to keep to the tone of the original series). I do have a few prompt ideas: Sofia's first introduction to her father-to-be, Sofia's life before her mother married the King, a story in which Amber isn't proved wrong by Sofia or in which they find they have something in common, a story in which Cedric manages some successful magic, or perhaps future fic about Amber, Sofia and James and how things change as they grow up.

I am very much a sucker for this series and am very sad that there's very little fic out there. How can you not love Tim Gunn as Bailiwick? Great songs? Periodic appearances by the Disney Princesses? A rather rude rabbit?

Things I'd love to see elaborated on:
Amber and her relationship with Sofia - too often the writers just use her as the "bad" to Sofia's "good" so we only really see her in relation to Sofia. I wouldn't mind seeing Sofia learn from her for once or a story in which she's the star and Sofia gets the supporting role.
Cedric doesn't seem very bad (okay, it's a preschool show). Yes, he's got ambitions to rule the kingdom, but he doesn't seem to be trying very hard, and he seems to be developing a soft spot for the three kids. He must be more competent than he's portrayed or he probably would have been fired ages ago. Maybe his incompetence is his way of self-sabotage since he doesn't really want to change the status quo? Or perhaps write a story where he succeeds at something and how he reacts to that.

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

If you focus on the real characters, I'd love fic about Cath's sophomore year. More Wren'n'Cath, more Cath/Levi, more Cath'n'Reagan, more Wren/Jandro. More about Cath's family or Levi's or even Reagan's. Anyway, sophomore year...does Cath change her major? meet Levi's family? what's it like with Cath & Wren living on the same floor? now that Cath's finished Carry On, Simon, does she decide to branch out and write for Yuletide or maybe get into Inspector Spacetime? There are so many great relationships in these books, feel free to include or omit anyone you want. If you want to write about Wren's freshman year, that would be good too.

For Simon & Baz & co>., you can write whatever you want. Shippy, crack, fluff. Write me more of the original books or more of Cath's fanfic (or someone else's fanfic). I'd love to know more about Penelope and Agatha who mostly just get namechecked in the books. Crossovers with other fictional fandoms such as Inspector Spacetime, Ghost Soup Infidel or Wormhole Extreme are welcome.

Or, go for the crack crossover - have Cath & Co. meet Simon & Co. or Cath & Wren discover magic is real, etc. etc.

My prompt is an epic here, so I don't really have much else to say. Write for me about Cath and her real world or fill in the gaps about Simon Snow. Either way I'll be a happy hh.

Morgan Swift - Martine Lesley
Morgan Swift, Sam (Morgan Swift), Sally Jackson (Morgan Swift), Jenny Wu (Morgan Swift)

Ah, the mysterious Sam. I think it's time Jenny and Sally met him (or her, I'm not picky). Awesome adventures. Crossovers welcome but not required. Or maybe flashback fic about Morgan's life before Coolidge High. Her summer of surfing/when she met Sting/that Colorado dig.

These seem to be easily available used on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This was a very short series from the 80s - 3 books by Martine Lesley, one by Susan Saunders (which I tend to ignore as it replaces Jenny and Sally with two bland twins and manages to make Morgan Swift bland as well) and two "Find Your Fate" (choose your own adventures) type books which were awful. Feel free to just focus on the Martine Lesley books and ignore the rest.

Morgan Swift was an impossibly awesome high school teacher/adventurer with a mysterious past (think female Indiana Jones/Mary Sue), Sally and Jenny were her two students who got involved in adventures with her and Sam was mentioned about once a book - a mysterious romance/possible tragedy in Morgan's past. Anyway, adventure, possible romance, mysterious Sam - my wants are simple.

Little Mosque on the Prairie
Yasir Hamoudi, Sarah Hamoudi

This is my "I only have one prompt and I hope you approve" wish. I adored Yasir & Sarah's marriage and am still going wtf over their divorce. Fix-it please, or at least make it less out of the blue. Alternately, scenes from earlier in their marriage would be fine (perhaps the story of how they met/fell in love/got married or when and why Sarah decided to convert originally).

This is one of my infinitely rewatchable sitcoms. I love all the characters on the show, but the whole divorce storyline bothered me. Fix it please. Yasir and Sarah had one of the best sitcom marriages ever.

The Charmings (TV)
Snow White Charming, Eric Charming, Lillian White, The Mirror (The Charmings)

Crackfic would be good here, or a typical 80s sitcomesque story. Feel free to include the kids and/or Luther.

This is probably the hardest of my fandoms to find. Imagine Once Upon a Time as an 80s sitcom. It exists. It's sadly very hard to find these days as it hasn't been released on DVD but it exists. Anyway, Snow White, Prince Charming, their two sons and one of the dwarfs are trapped in our world by a spell cast by Lillian (Snow White's stepmother) and she's been trapped with them. Now they're adjusting to suburban life with periodic attempts to get home (though it doesn't seem as urgent). I just really liked this sitcom back in the day and think it's very sad that there doesn't seem to be any fic yet.

Ned & Stacey (TV)
Ned Dorsey, Stacey Colbert Dorsey

I'd really like future fic here too. What happened after that last episode? Do Ned & Stacey get back together? Or alternately, give me some farcical episode from their marriage.

I adored the first season of this sitcom. The second season had some high points but the balance shifted from Ned & Stacey being evenly matched to all Ned all the time and Stacey being the butt of too many jokes. If you do one thing in this fic, please don't degenerate into the latter. I love win/win or lose/lose stories; I'm not interested in unequal power dynamics.

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