Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

For ladyofbrileith who's having a bad day

We were talking about where we worked and I promised her a picture of my desk.

First some explanation. I work in a library and I spend a good part of my time at the reference desk and when I'm in the office, which I share with my boss, I'm more apt to be at the computer (which is on a table between our desks) than working at my desk, so it becomes a dumping ground. Especially during the summer when I'm too busy to do a periodic excavation.


So let's see...

BWI the distributor we buy most of our books from, hence the cardboard boxes. The poster is a print of a bookshelf full of children's books that I bought at least twenty years ago at an SF con.

If you look closely at the stuffed animals, you can see a dragon, a monkey I got at a Linux conference, an almost hidden rabbit, and the sock puppet I made this summer.

The BWI box on the desk holds the labels I put on the books and some other supplies, since I never know which computer I'll be working at.

The long box towards the back holds the 3D glasses we'll be using for a 3D movie day later in the month.

The three banners are from book displays. The one with two bunnies was for a combined Easter/Passover display. I don't remember the exact wording but one of the bunnies asks "Have you found any eggs yet?" and the other answers, "No, but I found an afikomen." The black one was for a "If you like Harry Potter" display we did early on in the series' popularity, and the faded one was from a display of rabbit books.

The booklets hanging below the rabbit banner are reading logs from our summer reading game. Specifically mine. :) One or two got thrown out before I could grab them, but since I designed the log and since for ages that was the only record I kept of what I read, I like knowing where they are.

The exception is the green one with the yellow card pinned to it. One of our pages made that...a reading log for a character in a book I'd recommended to him. (Don't Care High by Gordon Korman).

If you have questions about anything else on or above the desk, post in the comments, and I'll be happy to answer them.
Tags: library geekery

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