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Kids/YA Book Fic Exchange run-off poll

The Poll is now closed (by virtue of one of the top two getting a few votes ahead). The fic exchange will be called "The Exchange at Fic Corner". Expect announcements of comms and things tomorrow.

The top two vote-getters plus the top "something else to be named in the comments" titles (as decided by me).

As I've managed to do tickyboxen instead of radio buttons, feel free to vote for as many as you choose, because I'm too lazy to repost this.

This poll will close at some point on Tuesday, at which time there will be a lull while I make comms and banners and things and then publicise the heck out of this thing. There will be a nominations brainstorming post on the new comm as well as a more fixed schedule.

It is highly unlikely it will be called The Ticky Box Exchange, even if that wins the poll.

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