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Children's book fic exchange

Thanks to everyone who voted. This poll is now closed. There is a run-off poll for the top two vote-getters and my favorites from the comments.

I emerge from the depths of lurkdom with a poll about a future fic exchange.

I am hoping to run this from mid-July through early September - my current plan is to have nominations in mid-July, assignments by the first of August and fic reveals on the 2nd of September (Labor Day for you US folk, on the grounds that I'll have the three-day weekend to deal with issues). Any series, books or stories published for children or teens will be eligible fandoms (from picture books to adult books republished under a teen imprint), books published for adults and other media will not be. Audio-only materials will be taken on a case by case basis based on whether they fit the other criteria.

With apologies to those in the Southern Hemisphere, but I couldn't think of any appropriate Winter exchange titles. Feel free to suggest some in the comments.

Once this thing has a title, there will be a comm to support it (or possibly one each on LJ and Dreamwidth).

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