Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
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Trope Bingo & Other things

I've followed the herd again and signed up for a Trope bingo card. I've got some plotbunnies but haven't quite decided what I'm going to write. Expect more Sarah/Turlough, a rather cracky story involving Vastra, Jenny and Warehouse 12 and possibly trying to write some new fandoms.

ETA: I've just noticed that the c/p text doesn't include a link to the comm: [community profile] trope_bingo. There's a link to the list of tropes in the sidebar if you have questions about any of them or you could request a card yourself.

huddle for warmth locked in genderswap in vino veritas / drunkfic au: historical
wingfic au: college / highschool au: fantasy curtainfic holiday
game night rivals to lovers FREE

au: coffee shop au: band
au: cop / detective au: steampunk secret twin / doppelganger food porn mind control
de-aged fuck or die accidental baby acquisition au: circus poker/strip poker

In other news, I broke down and paid for a year on Dreamwidth because I ran out of icon space, I may be addicted to the Tinkerbell movies (she makes things and there are bunnies), I've made arrangements to go to Boskone (missed the end of Gallifrey registration due to the blackout) and I spent the evening sorting squares for a patchwork skirt I've been planning to make for ages.

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