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The oncoming storm

I'm in the midst of the last bits of clean-up - making sure my kitchen is clean, taking stuff down to the dumpsters, etc. Everything is charged and I've got clean clothes because I thought until Friday I'd be heading off to OVFF but I didn't want to chance getting caught in Columbus (and forcing my bunnysitter into the storm to take care of the buns).

I realized last night that I was almost out of milk and it was nearing its sell-by date and since I had about two slices of bread left, I had to do the stereotypical run to the supermarket this morning. Plenty of bread, Cartons of milk had all gone but the plastic containers were still there. Grabbed a bag of apples and a few other odds and ends and I should be set. I've started thawing the lamb stew meat I bought (I meant to grab the lamb for shish kebobs), and I'll make stew tomorrow since even if I lose power, I can light the stove manually. I finally figured out how to light the pilot light in the oven manually last night, but as it involves pulling up the floor of the oven, I suspect I won't be doing that often - if the power goes out and I light it, I'll just leave the oven on all day and bake biscuits and cookies and things.

I've got a few bags of trash to take down (finally getting the broken pots off of my patio) and I should probably pull my outdoor table closer to the building under the shelter of the overhang (it's heavy so I don't think it's in danger, but I'm worried about the glass bits).

The buns seem to be as calm as usual (random acts of skittishness). I've got enough food, water and hay to last them more than a week, so they'll be okay and while their hutch is by one of the windows, they're generally to be found anywhere else in the apartment except when food is on offer, they should be okay.

I've got a stack of yuletide fandoms (books), knitting and cross stitch, and Don't Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book which had also been bought for the trip to keep me occupied.

And now after all that preparation, the storm will fizzle out and the power will stay on.

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