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Dearest of Yuletide Writers

My Dear, Adored Yuletide Writer,

Welcome to my journal. Glad you've come. Have a chair, sit down, enjoy the scenery. I fear my fandoms are a bit scattered so you're not likely to match me on more than one, but at least this year my fandoms relatively easy to find (and mostly short).

I'm very easy to write for, I promise. I like canon, snark and witty banter, capers and proper adventures, characterization pieces, crossovers. I'd rather not have anything above PG-13 - though I don't mind shipping (het/femslash/slash are all fine, incestuous pairings, not so much), I'm not really in this for the smut and I'd prefer that all of the characters stayed alive. Two of my fandoms are very much period pieces and that is part of what I like about them. As you may guess by my choice of fandoms, I am fond of cheesy plots, witty banter and filling plot holes. Feel free to take advantage of this.

Beta-readers are your friends - please do check for grammar, spelling and scientific accuracy (as far as you can). Historical accuracy too - if you're doing an older fandom contemporaneous to the series, please don't assume they have access to the same technology we do now.

Stalking the wild hh is easy. Try yulechat (hhertzof, or, if I've got a hat on, LibrarianHH or HippoHH) or [personal profile] evil_plotbunny (DW)/hhertzof (LJ). Older letters can be found under my yuletide tag (along with other yuletide musings and recs). My fic is on AO3 under hhertzof.

I've suggested some crossovers I'd like to see below, but feel free to disregard those. Optional crossovers are optional. Optional details are optional too, for that matter.

On to my fandoms:

No Flying in the House by Betty Brock
Annabel Tippens, Beatrice Cox

A very short novel about a girl who learns she's a fairy from a mysterious cat who turns into a statue. What I like about this book is that the fairies don't seem tame despite the audience of the book - there are so many hints of things going on beneath the surface that Annabel doesn't notice.

I'd love to see either a story focusing on Beatrice's take on events (either during or after) or future fic where they're teenagers or twenty-somethings coming face to face with fairy again. The choice Annabel has to make at the end of the book is very similar to the choice half-Faerie children have to make in the Toby Daye books, so I wouldn't object to a fic exploring that either. I wouldn't mind hints of romance but I'd prefer that wasn't the main plot.

1. Buy the book or read the reviews at Amazon
2. Buy the book or read the reviews on Barnes & Noble

"Love of Chair" Electric Company sketch
Naomi (Love of Chair)

The soap opera which dared to ask the question "And what about Naomi?" This was a reoccurring sketch on the original Electric Company. It's very short (a minute or two for each segment), but aside from one video below, all the video links I found were of the entire show, so YMMV there. If you're of a certain age, this show is probably burned into your brain.

My prompt for this is "And what about Naomi?" and I make no apologies for that. Tell me about Naomi. Did she make the chair? Is she coming to rescue the boy from the chair? Is she consulting Fargo North, Decoder for clues to the boy's whereabouts? Did the boy dump her for the chair? Does the boy want to be rescued? Is she conducting an experiment about boys and chairs? Are there other questions left unanswered?

1. One of the sketches. I could not find one that would embed properly, but at least this one doesn't make you sit through an ad.
2. Wikipedia
3. DVDs of the Electric Company series are available at your favorite US DVD store.
4. There are episodes of the Electric Company available on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Downtime (Reeltime 1995)
Sarah Jane Smith, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart

A low-budget, direct to video Doctor Who spin-off movie, featuring Sarah Jane Smith, Victoria Waterfield, Alistair Gordon-Lethbridge Stewart and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart (yes, the Kate Stewart from The Power of Three, though played by a different actress) vs. the Yeti. Amuse yourselves with the 90s fashions, huge mobile phones, and really bad special effects. It's only an hour so if you came for one of the other fandoms, and wanted to do this instead, you wouldn't have to suffer long. It's not the greatest story but I've always had a sneaking fondness for it (but then I love bad fashion, old tech and really bad special effects).

As I say in my prompt just want Sarah Jane and Kate having more awesome adventures together sometime between the events of Downtime and the present day. I know all the Sarah spinoffs, so I wouldn't mind it being set during the audios (Nat & Josh!) or Sarah Jane Adventures (Luke, Clyde, Rani, Maria, Sky!) or sometime in between. Did Sarah Jane push Kate into UNIT so that she'd have someone she could rely on?

The one thing I do ask is that if you must have the Doctor show up, that he be limited to a cameo (it's not a dealbreaker, but Sarah Jane & Kate met during an adventure that he wasn't involved in and there's no reason he needs to be around for them to have awesome adventures together).

The entire thing is on Youtube and there was also a novelisation.
1. Wikipedia article
2. Doctor Who wiki
3. (Part 1)

Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner
Henry Alden, Violet Alden, Jessie Alden, Benny Alden*

A long running mystery series for kids which you've probably heard of or read. Four kids live in a Boxcar, find their grandfather, have adventures and solve mysteries. After book 19 there was a long period when none were published. Eventually they were revived as a publishers series and the kids were deaged and brought up-to-date. I read more of the continuations than I like to admit before I finally realized that they were never going to age the kids up again and these weren't the sequels I'd wanted. Please if you do write this for me, stick to the original 19 books by the original author. I don't mind the updating as much as the deaging and simplifying of the stories.

*John Carter is probably my favorite character in the series, so I was dithering between making sure all the kids showed up and going with ANY and then Sandy hit and the choice was made for me. You can go either way and I'd be very happy.

Perhaps a mystery at the college Henry is attending, or a Christmas or winter break adventure for the four of them.
I really wanted to know more about Henry's life at college and always hoped for a mystery set there. Alternately, if you want to write a winter/holiday mystery either during the series or after, this would be the fandom to do it in. I've always loved snowbound stories the best. Feel free to bring in any of the other characters from the series as appropriate (but once again, I'm not interested in characters added after Benny Uncovers a Mystery).

I couldn't find many interesting links for these, they're easily found at bookstores, libraries and online. On the other hand, it looks like they're making an animated movie for the 50th Anniversary and I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a reason to run away screaming in horror.

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