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Best part of NYCC so far

Being at the Marvel Television panel where this was announced.

Clark Gregg will be headlining the new SHIELD show as Phil Coulson. There were mutterings about life model decoys, but who knows.

Worst part of NYCC so far: no internet connection/phone signal in that room and a dead battery, so I couldn't instantly tweet about it. Because I am that person, apparently.

Other best parts of NYCC include hanging out with new coworker and running into [personal profile] fox1013 and her cosplaying dolphin at the Avengers panel. Actually, it took us a minute to recognize each other but I knew she'd been looking for a dolphin and she pulled out a logic puzzle magazine, so I dared to ask. :) We got to hang out for that panel, the line for the next panel (which happened to be the Marvel Television one) and there I left her, dolphin in arms, waiting for Cup'o'Joe.

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