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custardpringle has finally posted the Lord Peter Wimsey casefic she's been teasing me with for ages. It involves Hilary Thorpe and St. George and it's just brilliant.

A Jolly Kind of Detective Game (139335 words) by faviconcustardpringle
Chapters: 10/10
Fandom: Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hilary Thorpe/Saint-George Wimsey
Characters: Hilary Thorpe, Saint-George Wimsey, Winifred Wimsey

In which Miss Hilary Thorpe and Gerald, Viscount St. George, freshly released from Oxford upon an unsuspecting Britain, try to do one of Hilary's friends a simple favour with disastrous consequences; Lady Winifred Wimsey tries her hand at detective work; and Charles Peter Parker, aged five-and-a-quarter, single-handedly repels the German invasion.

I just finished another Ruth Fielding book. For those of you who don't know the series, it's a series for girls, published from 1913-1934. Over the course of the series, Ruth inherits a fortune, goes to boarding school and then gets involved in the early days of filmmaking as a director (and no one seems to expect her to give that up when she gets married, either).

The book I just finished is Ruth Fielding at Golden Pass and for the most part it's typical for the series. Ruth is amazingly skilled at everything she does, but she's also shown to be a hard worker, there are the requisite cliffhangers (including a literal one), etc. etc. but there was a passage at the end that amused me, so I am sharing it with you. Tom Cameron is Ruth's would-be beau (though she's more interested in her career at the moment) and Layton Boardman is the star of the picture she just finished filming. Ruth has filled in as the lead actress because the original actress (Viola) was lured away by another company. It's a longish passage so have a cut-tag.

Poor Tom did not feel in the best of good humor, for that last scene in which Boardman had held Ruth close and kissed her still rankled in his mind.
"By gosh, I'm glad that last scene is shot," remarked the actor with a sigh of relief. "I make a rotten lover, don't I, Cameron?"
"What? Rotten lover? queried Tom. "What do you mean, Boardman?"
"Just what I said. I can't make love for a cent, no matter how I try. You see, it simply isn't in me. I don't care for girls that way&emdash;never did, no matter how hard they rave over me in the pictures."
"You—er&emdash;" did it very well," stammered Tom. He was so astonished he scarsely knew what to say.
"Thanks for saying that. Then I won't have to do it all over again! and Tom felt the note of relief in Boardman's voice. "I was afraid it might be necessary and that Miss Fielding would call me down for being such a wooden man at it. Ever since I agreed to take part I tried to drill myself in it. And, believe me, drilling opposite to such a girl as Viola was some job! It went easier with Miss Fielding, but still, as I said before, I'm no lady's man and never was. I'd never give 'em a second hoot if it wasn't all a part of the job." And then Boardman strolled off to join some of the cowboys.
Tom stood stock still for a moment, gazing after the retreating moving picture actor. Then slowly a grin swept over his face.
"Tom Cameron, did you hear that?" he muttered to himself. "Never cared for any girl, never was a lady's man! 'Drilled myself in it!' Gosh, and I thought it was all real! Well, I've been seven kinds of fool—I'll say so myself."

In other news, Pepper had to have a second bladder stone removed two weeks ago and once again bounced back amazingly well. And she's almost forgiven me for catching her to give her medicine twice a day for a week. Winter has been doting when he isn't trying to get her to groom him.

The trip to Albuquerque and the Grand Canyon was lovely and some day I will upload pictures. I brought several half-finished knitting projects, did two rows on one sock and then bought a cross stitch kit at one of the shops at the Grand Canyon and ended up working on that. I also introduced my cousin to Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

We've got a new children's librarian at work who turns out to be a DW cosplayer so we're getting along well, not least because we desperately needed another person in the department.

I stained my TARDIS messenger bag at some point, so it's currently in the dryer. I noticed when I transfered it from the washer, that a few seams had come apart so there is mending to do before I use it again. :(

In tv, I'm hooked on Continuum and Amazing Race Australia and am watching Newsroom and Bunheads waiting for them to get good enough for me to get excited about them or bad enough that they linger on my DVR for a few weeks and I can drop them. I've been a bit bored with Eureka this season, but I'm not going to drop it when there are only a few episodes left. I am very much looking forward to the summer shows.

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