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Brief Update and Fic Recs

Did I forget to mention I was going away?

I am currently in Albuquerque visiting my parents. We just got back from a road trip to the Grand Canyon which was amazing. There will be pictures on flickr later and probably a longer post (though I'm bad at that trip report thing).

small and white, clean and bright (6847 words) by faviconbranwyn
Chapters: 4/6
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Enola Holmes Series - Nancy Springer
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Enola Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, John Watson, Lestrade (Inspector), Jim Moriarty

Mummy's vanished. She does that, sometimes.

Enola Holmes is a great children's mystery series about Sherlock Holmes' younger sister (or as the author put it in one of her tags "Mycroft and Sherlock have a little sister and she's not my OC". In this fic branwyn gives the series a brilliant "Sherlock" update.

It Starts Out Like an A-Word (As Anyone Can See) (8092 words) by faviconAmy
Chapters: 8/8
Fandom: The Avengers (2012), Sesame Street (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Elmo (Sesame Street), The Count, Telly Monster, Grover (Sesame Street), Big Bird, Murray Monster, Bert (Sesame Street), Ernie (Sesame Street), Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Jarvis (Iron Man movies), Thor (Marvel), Natasha Romanov, Bruce Banner, Nick Fury, Phil Coulson

This fic is brought to you by the letter Y, the number 12, and the Avengers' decision to help fix what Loki and the Chitauri did to destroy parts of Manhattan. (Mostly that last part.)

The Avengers/Sesame Street crossover fic you've all been waiting for. 'Nuff Said.

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