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Recs sought - Marvel and DC Superhero cartoons

One of the side effects of acquiring Netflix is that I found myself watching Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. This evening, I was digging through the cable's free On Demand service and ended up watching three episodes of Young Justice.

Somewhere along the line, I missed that there were good superhero cartoons out there. No, that isn't completely true. I've watched bits of Teen Titans and have more to watch and I started watching Batman: the Brave and the Bold and always meant to go back to that. But I'm wondering now what else I missed that is good.

I prefer tradional animation forms (for example: the current Green Lantern might be good, but there's no way I could get past the animation style). I like team-ups, crossovers, continuity. I am not a big fan of Spider-Man or the Hulk, but I could get past that for a really good series and I'll happily watch any of the star players in the DC lineup. The current Avengers and Young Justice are probably the best indicator of my taste in that the former concentrates on the original core lineup (updated for current continuity) and the latter is basically an updating of the original Teen Titans (and probably the first time I've ever liked Connor Kent/Superboy).

I know some of you watch this stuff. Please let me know what I've missed.

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