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Will I see YOU at Gallifrey?

Less than a week. Where did the time go? So who's going to be at Gallifrey this year?

I know I've been very, very quiet. Mostly it's been RL stuff but there has also been much sewing in preparation for Gally. And as promised I have some photos of the TARDIS messenger bag under the cut.

Nook cover & TARDIS bag closed

The closed and finished TARDIS messenger bag. The pattern is Mccall's M5824. I learnt lots about piping and finishing from this project. I also spent a lot of time fighting with seams because I was having tension issues. 500 layers of fabric, interfacing and fusible fleece will do that to you.

Having acquired a Nook, I went seeking a pattern so I could make a matching cover and I ended up with this one which I managed to put together this morning (mostly - I had issues with the fit and redid the topstitching twice). I'm not sure if the button is clear, but I dug up a button designed to be covered in fabric and used the black and gold stars.

Inside the Nook Cover & TARDIS bag

The pockets (it may not be clear from the photo, but there are 5 separate pockets in that front section) aren't as lopsided as they look in this photo. Because the bag was empty and the only structure is provided by fusible fleece and interfacing, it sagged a bit and I didn't realise the left side of the Nook case was crumpled. I'm proud of the zippers, but I ended up ripping the seam on the adjustable strap because the D-rings I bought were too big for the strap and one kept pulling through the other. It's an easy fix - I just need smaller D-rings. Or maybe a buckle if I can find one I like.

Nook cover

A better picture of the inside of the Nook cover. There are three pockets on the left (the smaller one is divided in two, and overlaps the larger one). After the fact, I realised I should have sewn a line down in the larger pocket to make a separate pocket for a stylus, but I suppose I'll survive without one.

And now I am off to watch Top Gear.

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