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Dear Magical Girl Swap author/artist,

First of all, I must apologize for my single prompt. I did plan on editing my signup but it was not to be. And so I have left you with one single option, which was not my intent at all.

I love Fluttershy. I love Rarity. I love sewing. Maybe Rarity has a rush order and Fluttershy ends up helping. Maybe Fluttershy is making jackets for all the little critters and Rarity gets talked into helping. Maybe Rarity is teaching Fluttershy some advanced skill. Or whatever you come up with. But if you don't feel up to writing sewing fic, I would not mind friendship fic of some other sort.

Or if you just wanted to use all the ponies and run with the magical girl elements that have cropped up from time to time, I'd be perfectly happy with that too. Twilight Sparkle is my next favorite, if that helps, though I like them all.

I know I'll love whatever you write (or design).

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