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Height in books - FINISHED! :D

Checking back, the last time I posted on this was June 17, which explains the long list I have for you today. ;)

Zokutou word meter
151cm / 151cm

Long list and I've included the books I've read after I finished. I'm not going to bother looking up authors, but if I remember them, I'll include them.

Note that I'm only skimming over the Chalet descriptions as Nic's still working her way through them for the first time.

The Plain Janes - by Carol Castelucci. Not as good as I expected. A graphic novel in which four girls named Jane decide to perk things up in their town by committing random acts of art. Great concept, not so great execution. This would have benefited from being a proper book rather than a graphic novel.

Epic - One of the best books I read all summer. Imagine that you lived in a world where your status was based on a Runescape like game. As the story goes along the reader discovers there's a ruling cabal controlling things so none of the other players ever get too much status and that the game has been twisted from its original intent. The main character and his friends get together to stop this cabal both in and outside of the game.

Rick and Lanie's Excellent Kitchen Adventures - A father and daughter explore the world and various cuisines. The recipes looked good, though I didn't try any. The narrative parts smacked a little of vanity.

Vampire Science - The second Eighth Doctor novel. Sam will never be among my favourite companions and I've only read two books with her in them.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - What can I say that hasn't already been said. As I've been telling people at the library, I found it mostly satisfying. I shrugged off the epilogue as I can't think of any pairing I really shipped. Though a Harry/Ron/Hermione threesome would have been more unexpected (and probably more earth-shattering to certain groups), but I'm just saying that to stir up trouble.

How Ya Like Me Now - Another really good YA novel. This one's realistic fiction about a teenage boy whose mother stopped coping after his father's death. He leaves the suburbs to go live with his cousin in the city (I think it's Boston, but I wouldn't swear to that after all this time) and join him at a magnet type school where the students dress in suits and ties and are given classes with a business slant. He and his cousin are among the only white students there, the rest of the class being racially mixed and mostly inner city. It's a great story about him learning to cope with everything that happened as he works on a business project with other members of his class.

Quaking - I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but this was also terrific. It's about a teen girl who has been shuttled from relative to relative, who finally ends up with a family of Quakers. She's learned to keep her mouth shut and her head down, but her new family is very outspoken in calling for peace, meanwhile there have been violent attacks on religious organisations who have spoken out against the war, and she finds herself in the crossfire. Very thought provoking book.

21 Proms Above average collection of stories about the proms that were, proms that weren't and proms that should have been. A nice selection of stories and autobiographical essays. As is becoming typical with such things, there was a good mix of straight and gay/lesbian/transgendered/etc. themes.

Mary Jane in Switzerland - This is the latest one of these I've found (1931). My other volumes of this series concern Mary Jane's experiences at home and at school. This falls in the middle of their trip to the Europe, which spans several volumes. Very odd to read, especially after reading the Chalet books (I kept wanting her to run into the school on one of their many outings). Of course she finds a friend to share adventures with and sees the sights including Interlaken and the Jungfrau. It was almost like seeing old friends.

The Worst Witch Saves the Day - The latest (at least in the US) Worst Witch books. Mildred gets into trouble, Mildred saves the day. It seems like Mildred is improving a little as a witch, which is good because no one could be that dense.

A Genius at the Chalet School - Progressing through the Swiss books on my reread, in preparation for a Sarah/Jo/Ace plotbunny. I like Nina, though I'm amazed sometimes at how the Chalet girls make instant friends and reading about winter sports is always good on a hot day.

The Warrior Heir - Another good YA fantasy, about a secret race of wizards and warriors and a boy who doesn't know he is one. I loved the fact that they tied it in to the Wars of the Roses, which I don't know much about, and to colonial America. And while I really didn't want to stay in Ohio, I'm a sucker for books set there.

Chalet School Fete - The second part of Genius, as split by Harper Collins. The school gets ready for the end of term Fete. Nina finds her place in the school and with her family

A Problem for the Chalet School - Tom's family subsidises a scholarship for Rosamund Lilley. Her "friend" Joan Baker gets jealous and when her family wins some money, she comes to the CS and tries to make trouble. All ends well as usual.

Beka Cooper: Terrier - Usually I devour Tamora Pierce, this one was more of a slog. There was nothing particularly wrong with it and the mystery was well done, but I'm more than a little tired of her almost Mary Sue heroines.

Jane Allen: Right Guard - (1918) Jane goes to college (uni to the Brits). Jane's enemies make trouble. There is basketball. Jane is vindicated. The school year ends. The end. Good story if a bit formulaic.

The New Mistress at the Chalet School - One of my favourites, and the second one I ever read. Kathie Ferrars joins the school as a mistress. I liked that EBD did that, because it isn't something you usually see in school stories.

Doctor Who: Life Science - A Big Finish anthology. Uneven, as these things usually are and I get tired some times of there being no feeling of hope or accomplishment at the end of the majority of the stories.

---- Here endeth my height in books ----

Stupid Sock Creatures - Read for the sock puppet program. Mostly patterns for strange stuffed creatures made out of socks. Not what I was expecting, but I think it will find its niche.

Dandelion Wine - I don't know why I never read this, as I've read most of Ray Bradbury's fantasy and SF. Lyrical and moving and it reminded me of Something Wicked This Way Comes (which is my favourite novel of his).

Horror House - Also 1931. By Carolyn Wells. I got into her books through her kids and teen series (Marjorie, Patty Fairfield), and am slowly finding her adult mysteries as well. Not as good as Agatha Christie or Rex Stout. Fleming Stone remains a cipher to hang a puzzle on and the author's prose isn't as polished as in the children's books. But the puzzle was a good one, and I was convinced I knew whodunit, and proved to be completely wrong, even though the clues were all there, so she gets points for that.

Farewell Summer - The recent sequel to Dandelion Wine. Also very good, but clearly the work of a much older man and more experienced writer.

I'm looking for a new challenge now. I have 11 boxes of books to be read (even though I'm a fast reader), so suggestions in the comments would be appreciated. Edited for clarification...I have plenty of books to be read, I'm looking for something like the "height in books" to encourage me to read them.
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