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Power, how I have missed you

The super got the garage door open this morning, so I decided to go out for breakfast and to do a few errands, including stocking up on AA batteries as one of my radios had eaten most of mine. When I got back, the power must have just come on as he was restarting the garage door opener.

I seem to have got through this with the contents of my freezer mostly intact (I lost a half-finished carton of cherry vanilla ice cream and some frozen grapes, but everything else felt solid when I tested and most of the ice in the plastic bags was still intact.

Not sure about the refrigerator, but the milk was already near the end of its shelf life and that was the only truly perishable thing in there.

I did manage to drop one of my votive candle holders when I was cleaning it out.

Neither the tub nor the kitchen sink will hold water. I'm not terribly bothered about the kitchen sink, but when my dad comes at Thanksgiving, I'm going to see if we can fix the tub seal. It's just as well that we didn't have water issues.

I couldn't figure out where the pilot light on the oven was. Which was fine - I mostly cooked on the burners, but that's something to investigate for next time.

I burned out the D batteries in my main halogen lantern - not surprising, I think those were the original batteries, but next time I need to have more D batteries on hand (I had enough to replace those) and I think I want an oil lamp. They have some nice ones at the local hardware store, and it would enable me to save the batteries/lamp for when I really need them. The halogen light does give enough light to read by, though. I also think a few more strategically placed candles would have helped.

I have an old portable tv set that doesn't function as a tv since they went over to digital, but it does have a line out and makes a good speaker. I wish I'd realized that sooner.

Listening to Robophobia with the power out was not a good idea.

I need some way to charge my netbook when the power's out. I think I'm going to look into solar chargers. I ended up using my netbook to boost my cell phone's battery, which didn't work very well. Plugging the phone in to the car this morning worked much better. The UPS works long enough to shut the computer down, but not long enough to update the library webpage.

I can log on to optimumwifi (free wifi from my internet provider) from the diner a half a mile away. Not, however, anywhere in my building.

And now, I think, it is time to find last night's Leverage and finish the jigsaw puzzle I started during the blackout.

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