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Hurricane preparedness

The hurricane that's going to hit our area tomorrow is starting to sound really nasty. My current plan is to shelter in place - my building's at the top of a hill, so it's unlikely a storm surge (waves/overspill from the harbor) will reach me. This is subject to change. Otherwise, I should be fine, even if the power goes out - I have a gas stove which I know is easy to light with a long match if the electric starter goes out hand plenty of flashlights and candles and battery or crank operated radios. I can tell the bunnies are feeling it because since last night with the exception of food times they've been cuddling on the rug. I don't blame them. I'm feeling the beginnings of the sort of headache brought on by a change in air pressure.

I've got to buy extra batteries at lunch time, bring in my pot plants and the chairs on the patio, and pack the freezer with ice and I should be set.

I don't know how much access I'll have to the internet - I have an uninterruptable power supply for my desktop, but if the power goes out, I'll want to save the charge.

I will try to check in Saturday night or Sunday, but I can't make any promises just yet - it all depends on which way Irene decides to turn and whether I lose power in the storm.

Everyone in Irene's track, stay safe, pay attention to the many hurricane preparedness tips out there and evacuate as ordered. Hurricanes are nothing to fool around with. :|

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