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Sewing question

Despite never getting homesewn clothing to fit right, I periodically attempt to make my own clothes.

Right now I'm contemplating a patchwork skirt (long, roughly circular, very full). The pattern is too small, but I think that's alright because it's just rectangles for the skirt and a long rectangle for the waistband.

My question is about the waistband which doesn't quite match the waist measurement on the pattern. It says it's sized to a 32" waist but when I measure the rectangle, it's 38" long. Even with seam allowances and an inch or two for the hook & eyes, that seems like a large difference. Am I missing something here? I'm still debating whether I want to use the zipper/hook & eye option (as shown in the pattern) or elastic which might affect how long I need to make the waistband.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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