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I've been a bit remiss this year, but I should state that I remixed Nope's We Are Six (a Calvin & Hobbes/Eloise crossover fic) into We Are Six -- in Space (The Department Six Remix) and my In Pompeium (a Doctor Who/Cambridge Latin Course crossover fic in Latin) was remixed brilliantly by via_ostiense into Ecce Medicus Donnaque! (also in Latin).

In other news, I am working on an outtake from my big bang for inmemoryofsjs and I actually have words written on my big bang, though the bulk of it will happen after 20th May when a Turlough centric Big Finish Audio will be released that may affect my plot.

I've finished the quilt top but I shall put the picture under a cut to spare the flist. I don't think it's going to be done by 12th May, but I'll be pinning it this afternoon.

It's lopsided because the only place large enough to spread it out is on my bed and I had to get on a stepladder to get as much as I did.

This project has proven that I can neither cut nor sew a straight line, but it mostly fit together (if the lines didn't quite line up).

I've finished the baby blanket for my cousin's baby and given it to her and I'm almost done with a pair of Tipsy Knitter socks in Felici Time Traveller (self-striping yarn with a color scheme based on the Fourth Doctor's scarf). I've mostly been working on the Medallion Square Shawl when it gets too dark to sew, and I finally feel like I've made progress - I finished the center motif and all of the printed charts (the way it's designed, when you hit that point you extrapolate back based on a symmetrical design, not quite a mirror image but close)

I don't have anything spoilery to say about Doctor Who as yet - I liked the first two episodes and found yesterday's mediocre at best. I've been overdosing on Midsomer Murders since I got back from England (having quickly finished all of Lewis) and I'm trying once again to make inroads into Fringe. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is my one true love at the moment, and I've been dipping my toe into the Power Rangers franchise (Time Force and the current series). I need to go back to Das Haus Anubis, but I've been sewing and having to start a new episode every 12 minutes doesn't work as well as watching Midsomer Murders where the episodes are 1 hour and 40 minutes long.

I'm still reading to the moon but as it's been so long since I've updated that I'd have to type in over 200 titles, I'm going to give myself an amnesty on posting them. For the curious, I'm at 224,699 of 238,857 pages or 94% done. I'm just drawing a line here and will post the next batch of books I read. With any luck, I should be done by the end of the year.

The bunnies are being bunniesh. Once I get a new charger for my camera battery, there will be pictures.

I'm not quite sure how a post intended to be about remix degenerated into a general state of the plotbunny post, but here it is.

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