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I don't remember the last time I posted any sort of fic here. A post went up on [community profile] scifibigbang asking for snippets, so I thought I'd crosspost mine here. I currently have about 1800 words. It's very much a Sarah/Turlough fic, and will be a piecework fic involving three or four related stories. This has been ruminating for a while, so you may see echoes of earlier fics when it's complete.

Fandom: Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures/Sarah Jane Audios
Notes: This fic is my attempt to reconcile bits of obscure extended canon. It's a direct sequel to "The Blinovitch Link" audio, ties into the short story "Lily" and references the novels Bullet Time, Interference and presumably the Big Finish audio Kiss of Death which is due to be released next month (I don't make things easy for myself).

"The Blinovitch Link" was an eleven minute audio in which Sarah Jane Smith gets a call from a woman who is eventually revealed to be her future self (146 years old) and ends with the phone going dead and someone banging on Sarah's door. Her future self mentions in passing that Sarah learnt about Blinovitch from the Ninth Doctor. This picks up right where that ends.

27th May 1996

The banging wouldn't stop, even though the phone call had. Dropping the phone, Sarah considered her options. She'd had to bolt on short notice before, but not from her own home in London. However, paranoia served her well, so before she realised she'd made a decision, she was heading for her bedroom. She grabbed the go bag that she hadn't bothered to unpack when she'd got back from Afghanistan, and opened the window sash, dropping it to the ground below and then following after. She didn't land as smoothly as she would have liked, but at least her fall was cushioned by the flowerbed below. There was a reason she'd taken a first floor flat.

Dusting the dirt off her trousers, she slung the backpack on, and headed at a more sedate pace through the alley towards the road. It wasn't long before she reached her destination. Dropping a few coins in the donation box as she entered, she headed for the stairs closest to her goal. When she reached the main exhibit halls, she slowed even further, ostensibly studying the exhibits, but actually mulling over the conversation she'd had with the woman who claimed to be her future self – who had been her future self. The tells had all been there. Everything had been significant – every word, every pause, every digression. Her future self might have been fretting that she'd be overheard, but she – they had both known that it was being monitored. Whomever had been banging on her door had been sent because the roses had failed to engender the false sense of security their sender had intended.

She'd felt it on the wind. Being the de facto travellers' aid station for wayward aliens meant you heard things. Sarah wasn't sure how long the war had been going on; she wasn't even sure if you could measure such a war in days and weeks and years. Daleks versus Time Lords. The latest rumours were that the Time Lords were attempting to gain a firmer control over history by altering the histories of other races that had developed time travel technology to either prevent them from doing so or – and this was what spooked Sarah the most – to erase them from history altogether. And yet her future self had used time technology to contact her. She had also mentioned the Guardians, benign dictators of a benevolent utopia. It had to be the Time Lords. Sarah didn't know what that meant for humanity, but she couldn't believe it was good.

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