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Tiny Ten

About two years ago, shortly after I joined Ravelry, I added my name to the Travelling Doctor Swap. A tiny animaguri Tenth Doctor would travel from place to place and we'd put up pictures of him visiting local attractions and include a gift for the next person on the list.

He appeared on my doorstep a few weeks ago. Once upon a time, I'd had ideas of where I was going to take him. Once. But he showed up during a nasty winter while I was doing physical therapy for my back (I really need to put up a post on that particular topic too) and my spoons were low. So I stayed close to home and tried to make up for that with cleverness. I'll probably have him a few more days, and I'm hoping to get pictures of him with the buns, but so far they haven't been cooperating.

If anyone is curious, he's visited the tiny temporary library I'm working in now, the building site of the new library, the harbor (though a foot of snow meant we stayed close to the parking lot) and my bookshelves.

The snowdrift on my patio.

He's been travelling in one of the TARDIS lunch containers. This should give you an idea of the size of the drifts on my patio. Note that it's melted a bit from the building heat since then.


The hat came with Tiny Ten. The Dalek is the first one I knitted, out of self striping sock yarn.

The rest of the photos are in my Tiny Ten set. If I take more, I'll add them to this set.

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