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London trip Redux: Hotels?

I'm still trying to work out my plans. I've got two nights before Redemption and two nights after and need to figure out where I'm staying as this may affect who I'll be seeing when. I'm trying to keep it under the $200/£125 mark per night, but I don't even know what part of London I want to stay in - as long as it's near a tube station, I'll be fine..

My usual process in selecting a hotel is as follows:

Am I going to a con?
Yes = stay at con hotel
No = stare at Orbitz reviews, trying to balance comfort against price and end up going to the Hilton website and booking my stay in one of their chains because I've never had a bad experience there.

This is not helping me pick a hotel in London. I could stay at one of their London properties but they're on the expensive side and I almost feel like it defeats the purpose.

Help, please!

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