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My Yuletide fic

(copied and pasted from the kudos thread on yuletide, because I was halfway through writing it and realised I wouldn't be able to do better)

It was a tiny fandom, I thought, though all of my fandoms were tiny. No one would remember it. No one would choose to write for it among all those better known and more sparkly fandoms. And yet I got a story - the perfect story. ♥

I got a Judy Bolton casefic featuring Blackberry and a domestic violence case. Perhaps it's a little more explicit about that sort of thing than the original series would be (though it didn't shy away from tackling poverty and children growing up in bad situations), but it was perfectly in tune with the tone of the original series. Well done, mystery writer, well done indeed.

I have to admit to not posting until I made an appropriate icon. Feel free to snag with credit.

I'm going to wait to post the list of stories I betaed until reveal, and I may or may not post a recs list. Probably, but I stayed up until the archive opened last night, and I'm a bit groggy this morning so I'm not making any life-decisions right now beyond what to eat for lunch.
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