Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

Holiday Stuffs and a Poll

Poll #1653666 To Card or Not To Card?

Given that I have failed to send out cards two years running, should I even bother to try this year?

Yes, third times' the charm.
No, you'll just fail again and feel guilty all year.
A third option which I will explain in the comments.
I just wanted to press a button.

Depending on the results of this poll, I may put a post up this year. Or I may not. I am being indecisive.

Also, if someone will explain fandom_stocking to me (the procedure, not the prinicple), I might put a stocking up and/or do something for other people's stockings. I have been over to the comm several times and find it confusing.

So far Chanukah has been good. I have had a variety of packages most of which I bought for my self during the online sales right after Thanksgiving but also a belated birthday gift from paranoidangel42 who remembered that I had wanted the Eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver screwdriver and sent that to me. :) Yay for a sonic screwdriver that actually unscrews things.

I have been busily rereading and rewatching a variety of fandoms for yuletide as I try to decide which prompts I want to do for my recipient AND my pinch hit (in both cases I'm familiar with all the fandoms they requested). Next weekend I'll be holing up in my apartment to write those and my schmoop bingo prompts (I've started several of the latter and finished none.

I've got about 40 inches done on a scarf for the work gift exchange (I always knit a scarf and hat and the hat is done.) I think it may be long enough by the party on the 10th, but I am not ruling out packing it with skein and needle and a note that says they'll get it in a week. I'm about 1/5 done with a baby blanket for my cousin's baby, due in December, but the scarf has the earlier deadline, so the other has been put away for the moment.
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