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Yuletide and other stuff

I have got my yuletide assignment and all is right with the world. The prompt that I got makes me squee because we clearly view the canon in exactly the same way. However, while logic would indicate that I should be reviewing the canon source, instead I'm rereading one of the other canons. :/

In other news, I just inherited my grandmother's sewing machine. It's a Singer 99-23 or 99-24 (the difference being the way it was controlled, and I haven't looked at that yet) and absolutely gorgeous. I haven't checked to see if it's working, but I shall soon.

To catch up in other areas: the bunnies are hoppy, I have too many knitting projects on my needles, the coat for my brother's dog proceeds slowly and my parents are here for Thanksgiving.

And now I must return to my canon review. D:
Tags: sew and sew, yuletide

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