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Dear Yulegoat

My Dear, Adored Yuletide Writer,

Welcome to my journal. Glad you've come. Have a chair, sit down, enjoy the scenery. I fear my fandoms are a bit scattered so you're not likely to match me on more than one, but at least this year none of my fandoms are completely impossible to find.

I'm very easy to write for, I promise. I like canon, snark and witty banter, capers and proper adventures, characterization pieces, crossovers. I'd rather not have anything above PG-13 - though I don't mind shipping (het/femslash/slash are all fine, incestuous pairings, not so much), I'm not really in this for the smut and I'd prefer that all of the characters stayed alive. Two of my book series are very much period pieces and that is part of what I like about them. As you may guess by my choice of fandoms, I am fond of cheesy plots, occasionally didactic story lines and time travel. Feel free to take advantage of this.

Beta-readers are your friends - please do check for grammar, spelling and scientific accuracy (as far as you can). Historical accuracy too - if you're doing an older fandom contemporaneous to the series, please don't assume they have access to the same technology we do now.

I've suggested some crossovers I'd like to see below, but feel free to disregard those. Optional crossovers are optional. Optional details are optional too, for that matter.

Read All About It - Canadian tv show with an SF plot and a rather spooky villain. Three kids start a newspaper and learn about grammar and such things along the way. Write this and I'll be so thrilled I won't care what the story is about. Honest. *loves on you* Write a crossover with Sarah Jane Adventures or Black Hole High, and I'd love you even more, but please remember that OPTIONAL crossovers are also OPTIONAL.

If you insist on more guidance, I love when the kids go against Duneedon and I'm a sucker for book characters coming to life and time travel stories (but not all three at once). ;)

Links: Wikipedia | Fansite
Youtube - Complete first season and first three episodes of season 2 I can't find the rest of season two, but fic set between the two seasons would make me happy.

Judy Bolton Mysteries by Margaret Sutton - A teen mystery series contemporaneous with Nancy Drew (at least the earlier Nancy Drews). Judy starts as a teen living in a small town in Pennsylvania but grows up over the course of the series and marries in The Rainbow Riddle. The stories overall are a bit more realistic than Nancy, and pay more attention to the social issues of the day.

I'd like a mystery - if this series is new to you, it could be set early on in the series, but I'd love something set after Judy marries, preferably a mystery.

Links: Wikipedia | Fansite
About two thirds of the series has been reprinted by Applewood Books and is available on Amazon.

Parrish & Jordan Series by Janet Lambert - I hesitate to call this a teen romance series, though there is romance in it. It's more like a sprawling (military_ family saga. The characters grow up, marry, start families and fade into the background as their younger sisters or cousins or children take center stage. The Parrish and the Jordan series start off separate, and then crossover, with some intermarriage between the two families along the way. I tend to ship the canon pairings in this series, especially Penny/Josh and Susan/Bobby.

I've selected any character, but my favourites are Penny Parrish MacDonald, Susan Jordan Parrish and Parri MacDonald. I'd also be happy to see a story of one of the young girls from the end of the series getting into West Point (which was strictly male at the time she was writing). Or one of the girls or boys from Parri's generation realising they were gay or the entire group getting involved in the civil rights movement or disco or going to Woodstock or any other aspect of the late 60's or early 70's that you choose. If you focus on Penny or Susan, again, I'd love a story contemporaneous to their era.

These are long out of print, but Image Cascade republished them recently and they're available from their website (link below). Alas, if you decide to go that route, I'm not sure where to suggest you start, as it's very much an ongoing saga, but some possibilities are: Star-Spangled Summer is the first book in the series, and the first of Penny's subseries, but not my favorite., A Dream for Susan is one of my favorites, and it's the beginning of Susan's subseries, and if you don't mind being spoiled and Introducing Parri is the first Parri book (though towards the end of the series), and the author does a lot of this is x who you will remember married y and is c's brother -in fact, the four book Parri series might be a good place to start if you want to dig a little deeper than one book and get a sense of the history without having to read the entire series.

Links: Wikipedia
The publisher has a good breakdown of the series and the books are currently on sale.
More about the books.

Hilary Tamar Mysteries by Sarah Caudwell - A British mystery series for adults. This may be the quickest canon on this list to absorb, running to four books and one short story (that I know of). Hilary Tamar is a periodic visitor to her former pupil Timothy Shepard, in his law chambers at Lincoln's Inn, where Professor Tamar (whose gender is never revealed) becomes embroiled in mysteries involving the law cases taken on by Timothy and his colleagues.

The two things I love about these are the tone and the fact that Hilary Tamar's gender is never specified, so take that into consideration. I'd be happy with a short interlude or a mystery, but I'd prefer to have the entire group involved (Timothy being optional, as he doesn't come into the books as much). These are in print and available on Amazon.

Links: Wikipedia
An article that describes the books better than I ever could.
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