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I'd be more eager for next week's SJA if...

I didn't have something else to look forward too - OVFF and meeting snowishness. :D

Currently in my pre-trip chaos, trying to figure out what I need to do/pack/etc.

There's the usual questions:

What do I bring to read on the plane? I got a stack of urban fantasies at ComicCon and a copy of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, but I'm dithering.

What do I put on my mp3 player to listen to? Current music playlist, but will I get the new Benny CD before then? Do I want to relisten to old Big Finish?

What do I put on my netbook? Do I even want to bother? I'm mostly caught up on my shows, and while I can watch stuff on the screen, I'm not apt to do that on the plane. I'll probably put the fic that I started for csbigbang on and if I start my fandom walked into a bar fic, I'll stick that on too. And I may update my book database.

Do I pay the baggage charge and check my backpack?? I'm leaning towards checking it. $25 vs having to lug it through the airport and find a place to stash it on the plane. My messenger bag will hold the netbook and a knitting project along with the usual stuff (wallet, mp3 player, etc.) and checking the backpack means I can bring the toothpaste that I like (which I've never found in a travel size) and my swiss army knife.

What do I bring to knit? Cons are big knitting places for me, but I don't want anything too bulky. I will probably take the gloves I'm almost done with (and probably finish them there), the latest MMario Mystery shawl (in case another clue is posted), and materials to cast on for a pair of socks given that I may not have much to do on the other two (probably the Felici Time Traveller).

Other stuff - my bunny sitter knows I'm leaving. Laundry must be done. Packing must be done. I seem to have arranged for a taxi share via filk. And even when it's over with there will be SJA and Yuletide to look forward to. :D
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