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Yuletide Again

I have nommed. There are some noticeable omissions on this list, but we only get six, and the list of things I will offer to write is different from my request list is different from the things I will end up writing for madness if I see a good prompt or as a pinch hit. I also did not nom fandoms I knew would be nommed by other people. Where's the fun in that?

I have nommed the following:

Margaret Sutton - Judy Bolton Mysteries (In print via Applewood Books)
Sarah Caudwell - Hilary Tamar Mysteries (In print)
Janet Lambert - Parrish-Jordan Series (In print via Image Cascade)
Kay Hooper - Hagen Strikes Again Series (And the second one should be reprinted any day now. :D)
Read All About It

You'll notice that all of my book fandoms are in print this year (okay, only the first of ten Hagen books are in print, but people can find the others in UBS's, y/y?) After last year, I figured that was a good idea.

I figure I'm least likely to get either of the tv shows and I'm okay with that. There seems to be one other person who requests/offers Counterstrike and we never match on characters. I was really disappointed that the Hilary Tamar mysteries weren't nommed last year, so that bumped them up for me. Judy Bolton was a fandom I grabbed while we were testing the nom process so I had something that wasn't in the database and when it came time to nom for real, I decided that I really did want fic in it. The others are old standbys that I will probably keep nominating until I actually get fic.
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