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Yuletide is accepting nominations

Yuletide is a "small fandom" fic exchange held in December. Quotes are because it's for small fandoms - it's actually a huge fic exchange - to the point where there are already 1600+ nominated fandoms so far though nominations have been open less than 24 hours.

Due to a change in the way they define small fandoms, both Sarah Jane Adventures, the Sarah Jane Smith Audios and K9 and Co and are no longer counted as part of Who fandom (which is too big for this exchange), and may well be eligible this year. This also goes for other Big Finish spinoff series like Gallifrey (already nominated) and UNIT.

Nominations go here. You can see a list of already nominated fandoms here.

Here ends the recruitment post. Go over to yuletide_admin for more information. :)
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