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Stuff I may not have told you yet (or maybe I've just forgotten)

  • I'm more than halfway through the Medallion Square Shawl. The finished shawl will probably end up being 5 feet x 5 feet.

  • I'm headed to NY ComicCon this weekend, courtesy of the library.

  • Monday, I will probably take advantage of the holiday to head to the JoAnn's in Connecticut so that I can get fabric for this as I promised my sister-in-law that I would make it for my doggy nephew.

  • I've just ordered another two size 3 40 inch circular needles for my shawl. I do need to stop breaking them. I also need to stop buying $50 at a time from Knitpicks just for the free shipping. :/ (Admittedly I needed needles for another project, so I only needed $10 more. And the sweater kit I'd been coveting was on sale. And I had a credit.

  • The bunnies are bunnyish. They don't say much, but periodically they infest my desk or come over to visit me on the sofa.

  • Of all the new shows, only Undercovers lasted more than a week. And I seem to have forgotten it was on this week. Heaven knows when I'll have a chance to catch up. Maybe Monday.

  • I finally bought my ticket to England. I'll be there from Tuesday, 22nd February through Wednesday, 2nd March. Perhaps I'll see you there.

And now I'm off to do laundry and repack my work bag for comiccon. After this, there will be knitting. :)
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