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Freaking out - well not so much any more.

I finally got around to unpacking from last weekend and...

I can't find my shawl

I remember packing it. I've checked every pocket of the two suitcases and the pink bag. I have my scarf, the yarn I brought with me, the needles, row counter and stitch markers that I didn't need after I bound it off to wear to the wedding. I have the pattern, I have the dress I wore that night and the shoes.

The shoes. I didn't think to look in the shoebox. *runs*

Found. Breathes sigh of relief and posts anyway to save this for posterity as I never would have thought to look there if I hadn't started writing this post. At least not until I needed a fancy pair of blue heeled sandals again (probably next May for my cousin's bar mitzvah).
Tags: that awful panicky feeling

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