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It's been too long since I've done a proper miscellany so here you go. tl;dr, etc. etc.

Being Crafty
I'm almost at the half-way point on the medallion square shawl. For the record I started it in April 2009. I am also on my fourth circular needle. I love the Knitpicks harmony wood needles, but when you're working on a size three needle, they're thin enough to snap if you accidentally sit on them. Also keeping knitting out of the reach of bunny teeth is a good idea. Other things I'm working on are gloves using yarn I bought at Boskone (my current portable project) and a baby blanket for my cousin, who is expecting a second baby.

I've slowly piecing together the two patchwork quilt tops I started in my sewing class. I also ended up with a lot of fat quarters (and a few larger pieces) as the local quilt store went out of business. I will miss it, but I gather it never operated in the black in the six years it was open.

I'll be near a Joanne's on Saturday, which will be good, as it's time for me to start working on the doggy costume for Jeeves.

I've been reading more than I realised. I need to sit down and do another update on reading to the moon as I don't think I've done one since June. Most of what I've been reading has been kids/teen novels, Doctor Who novels and slowly dipping my toe into the Urban Fantasy genre. And I just reawakened my love for C. J. Cherryh, after falling two novels behind on the Foreigner series.

As for comics, I've fallen behind on just about everything and looking forward to my upcoming vacation to catch up a bit. I will be at NY ComicCon, thanks to a really cheap librarian rate and a generous employer.

It's been a strange summer. While I was watching less TV than I do during the regular season, there was something on just about every night, though most of those shows are starting to wind down. Still it's been a lovely summer of White Collar, Leverage, Total Drama World Tour, Warren the Ape, Top Chef, Project Runway, Eureka, The Wizards of Waverly Place (which I have taken to watching on my cell phone, as Disney can't seem to get the first run indicator right). I tried to get into Warehouse 13, Unnatural History and Modern Family but bounced off all three. Right now I'm watching The Man from U.N.C.L.E. properly for the first time and loving it (to the point where I dumped some of my unused PaperbackSwap credits into my SwapADVD account so that I could get the complete series on DVD).

It looks like my fall tv will be more clumpy than usual (and having sped through Community's first season, I'm very unhappy that it will be conflicting with The Big Bang Theory and The Vamprie Diaries.

Current tv plans:
Unknown Days
Sarah Jane Adventures
The House of Anubis

How I Met Your Mother
House (I don't remember if I ever watched the last few episodes of last season)
Hawaii 5.0



The Vampire Diaries
The Big Bang Theory

The Amazing Race

Are still hoppy. I promise to get new pictures up sometime soon.

I bought my ticket to Ohio today. It feels weird making plans to go there when my parents no longer live there but I shall be meeting snowishness and drowning in filk so all will be well. Leaving off on making plans for London until after I get back.

I find I'm regretting missing DragonCon this year more than I expected, but there was no way I was going to get Friday off and I'm trying to vary my con-going. So this year it's OVFF, next year Redemption to start with.

I'm almost finished with the scifibigbang, which has been an incredible struggle. I've been writing bingo fics with no endings. And I've got a rough plot in my head for the csbigbang. I thought these two bigbangs would fit together with the tardis_bigbang but they may be slightly off. Or not. I will post more fic.

I have lots of time off coming up. I'm working three days next week, and four the week after. Then I've got the Friday of OVFF through a week from that Sunday off, and from the Friday before Thanksgiving to the Monday after. I have plans to read and write and knit and tidy and play with the buns and just be lazy. I'm also trying to get together boxes of books to bring to Niantic and get more stuff posted on BookMooch and PaperbackSwap. Mostly because I can't weed more until I get rid of what I have already weeded.
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