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The real question is why would anybody want to?

Consider this the mandatory Facebook/Twitter/LJ comment nonsense post. I don't understand why they think people would want to crosspost one comment from a conversation. Nor do I care. I won't be doing it. I've mostly stopped using Facebook because every time I do, spam to the linked email account goes up through the roof and I only use twitter to reply to people and for things I can't be bothered to write a proper post about. As for the rest of you, if it's not locked, I'll never notice; if it's locked, please respect the flock. I'm not very good at keeping my identities separate, so I'd be a hypocrite to just say don't.

That being said, here there be poll about the new feature. It's very lopsided at the moment, reflecting everyone's unhappiness, and it's apparently been linked to the news post by a lj staff member.
Tags: idiocy
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