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London and Ohio, but not London, Ohio

I am starting to make travel plans again.

I will be in Columbus, OH for Ohio Valley Filk Fest (October 22-24). A long long time ago, I used to be on the committee that planned the thing. We'll see if anyone remembers me. But I'll get to meet snowishness :D! I'm only planning on being in Ohio for the weekend, because I exhausted most of what I wanted to see there when I lived there and moved back to the East Coast the moment I could. There are one or two good bookstores I wouldn't mind visiting again, but we shall see.

I may take a day trip to Stitches East (Hartford, CT) the weekend after. I probably won't take any classes, but I'd like to see the market (and I think it will be more to my comfort level than Rhinebeck was).

And I'm starting to make tentative plans for a trip to England in February. I will be at Redemption (25th-27th February roughly), and my current plan is to arrive in England the Tuesday before and stay until the Thursday after. This is subject to change depending on the status of the library. I've been told we might have our grand opening of the new building the weekend after, in which case the dates may shift earlier (Sunday before to Tuesday after or somesuch). The good news is that I'm about 1500 miles short of a free airplane ticket, and I should have those miles by the end of October. *crosses fingers*
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