Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

There are maybe three people in the world who will appreciate the last item on this list

I have come up with an idea for my csbigbang fic beyond "it will be a sequel to my other Chalet School/Doctor Who crossover, tie into my other two bigbangs this year and possibly happen during the current Fifth Doctor/Tegan/Turlough/Nyssa Big Finish trilogy". Not so much a plot as a list of stuff I want to see happen.

  • Nyssa working at the San

  • Tegan becoming Joey Bettany's assistant

  • Jo Grant and her CS friends solving another mystery

  • Turlough and Sarah snarking at the whole thing only being peripherally involved in the main storyline, as they've got a mystery of their own to solve

  • And most importantly Benny Summerfield meeting our one and only Mary Lou

And the weird thing is that I'm feeling like the Jo/Tegan/Nyssa mystery will be the main plot with Sarah and Turlough as a subplot in the background. I don't know that I can write this, but then I never expected Tony DiNozzo to emerge as my main NCIS viewpoint character in the tardisbigbang either. Current working title is Professor Summerfield at the Chalet School but this is subject to change without notice.
Tags: bigbang, chalet school, why do i do this to myself

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