Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

The state of the Plotbunny

I'm should be getting ready for work. He's shredding a box.

I need to post another "height in books post" but I keep forgetting to measure my books before I take them back to the library, and I know at least two I've read are now checked out to other people.

I've got another long fic percolating in my head. Expect to see the beginnings by the end of August. I'm also working on a missing year Sarah fic, which refuses to work. :(

i've made another claim for dwicons100, expect more info when it's been accepted.

I'm about a quarter of the way through my Fourth Doctor scarf, I need to rip out the temporary bindoff I did for my cousin's wedding for the shawl, and finish it off for another cousin's bar mitzvah in May. I've started a one ball cable knit scarf.

I want to a) report on the wedding, b) report on some of the programs I've done for teens at the library and c) report on my meeting with other ljers in DC. Maybe I'll get to some of this, this weekend.

I need to swap out my dead second hard drive, install the new one and the operating system. I think I'm going with Kbuntu rather than SuSE this time around. I also need to install the new printer, but I want to do this first.

2 weeks until the end of the summer reading program. Maybe then I can think. It's not physically exhausting, but it's very tiring mentally and emotionally. I hate crowds and the library is crowded more often than not. Plus having to be "on" all the time. This really isn't a job for an introvert like me but I like everything else about it, so I suffer through.
Tags: bunny, dithering, iconage, knitting, library geekery, life is like that

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